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Hey gang. This weeks offering. I was gonna get started on Christmas covers but it felt too soon. I’m just not there yet. And I’m a pretty Christmas-y dude. I’m excited about Christmas tunes as my roommate Gloria is a wonderful singer from a small German Christmas village. Seriously. We drove up to Wisconsin for thanksgiving and when the radio pooped out, we sang duets of Oh Tannenbaum, and Stille Nacht to name a few. There are a lot of things Germans tend not to do well, but churning out timeless Christmas classics is not one of the things they don’t do well. Which is to say, they do it well. 

In any case, here I join in in celebrating the Rolling Stones (at least Jagger/Richards/Watts) in their 50th year of being alive and making music. This song was omitted from the American version of 1965’s “Aftermath” ultimately appearing on 1967’s odds and sods “Flowers.” A nice simple tune emphasizing Jaggers underrated melodic sensability. I particularly like the little goose he adds by coming in on the 6th of the A major chord on the arrival of the refrain. A slightly weird melodic move that hooks your ear. I’m sure Jagger was unaware of the theory behind it, but it’s possible the bands guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Brian Jones wasn’t. He was the real genius behind the early Stones lineup responsible for the marimbas in “Under My Thumb” and the sitars anywhere you hear ‘em. On this tune he added the subtle texture of the Japanese Koto. That said, I omitted that part from my rendition.

See you next week. Likely with a hint of Christmas.

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