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Can’t do a Tunesday a day before Halloween without at least grazing the realm of spooky. I will say, I’m not a huge Halloween nut. My reasons are manifold. A.) I never really had a sweet tooth (more of a meat tooth), so there are no ecstatic childhood memories attached to the binging of milk chocolate and hard candy. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed trick or treating, but nothing really could ever compare with the seasonal smells, sounds and melodies of Christmas for me. I was born on December 10th, so my first days were literally spent bundled under a Christmas tree. Near lethal doses of sundry goods, generous melody, and natural pine scent wired my brain irrevocably toward a supremely biased predilection for the Yule Tide Season. B.) Idiots have co-opted Halloween. They dominate the scene. Halloween (at least in Chicago) has become a more scantily clad New Years Eve. 

In any case…this week’s selection comes from 1976 courtesy of Cliff Richard. Richard is an interesting figure. Though history seems to have largely forgotten the 72 year old, he is the third biggest selling singles artist of all time in the United Kingdom, with total sales of over 21 million in the UK and has reportedly sold an estimated 250 million records worldwide. His popular peak came in the late ‘50’s and early ‘60’s just before the Beatles changed the entire landscape. He was really Britain’s first rocknroller, something akin to their Little Richard. 

He went on to find the Lord, and his music took on a more mellow if not milquetoast variety.

In 1976 he released a comeback record of sorts entitled “I’m Nearly Famous.” It had the effect of garnering the attention none of his earlier material ever could in the states selling over 1million copies. 

It’s kind of a silly tune. I copied this next part from WIKIPEDIA because I’ve been staring at a ‘puter for 12 hours and am barely able to form thought. “The song is told from the point of a view of a man jinxed from an encounter with a stray cat with evil eyes, and his discovery that the psychic medium (aGypsy woman) whose help he sought to break the curse was the one responsible for the curse in the first place. The latter-mentioned have some notable parallels with Cher's 1974 hit single “Dark Lady”.”

So there you have it. This week’s cover. Devil Woman, by Cliff Richard written by Terry Britten and Christine Holmes. 

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