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This week we’re back with more Beatles. Their second ever single, and first American release from 1963, “Please Please Me.” A John tune. Though, only two minutes in length it packs in tons of hooks, from John’s harmonica intro (which he also did notably on other early hits, Love Me Do, I should have known Better, and From Me to You) to the Everly Brothers-escent harmonic trick of Paul holding the high vocal note, while John descends down the scale, to the sweet ascending call and response on refrain. 

The original has a little bit of a cha-cha vibe. I went in a slightly more Ramones-ian direction. I remember first getting the idea to do this song in this style about a year ago while listening to the Futureheads impossibly fistpumpingly energizing jam “Beginning of the Twist.” I think it works. I banged it out pretty darn quick. I’m a little upset about where my drumming is at, and I think I’m just gonna start bringing in guest drummers more regularly. Beat 06 on my Casio Previa is starting to drive me insane. My tambourine playing is improving though, and that has me feeling warm inside. See y’all next week.

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